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Welcome, Erin Kilpatrick! Columbia City Fitness Center's New Member.

We would like to welcome one of our members, Erin Kilpatrick, to the Columbia City Fitness Center family by doing a special feature about her in our blog!

Erin Kilpatrick.jpg

Erin is a consulting technical writer and an instructional designer. She enjoys yoga, skiing, hiking, and gardening outside of her busy dailly schedule. Erin joined Columbia City Fitness Center six months ago with the goals of building up and maintaining her overall body strength.

"I joined Columbia City Fitness Center to build strength to maintain my hip joints because I have arthritis and I feel that so far I have achieved my goals through my workouts - I can mitigate pain from my arthritis!" - Erin

Hands-down, Erins's favorite thing about the Fitness Center is the community.

"The owners, their family members stop by and say "Hi"; the employees (a special shout out to Zahara and Mohammad!), the regulars, and seeing all the faces from our diverse community that pop in and out." - Erin

Thank you, Erin! For all of your support,

- Columbia City Fitness Center Family.

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