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Fitness Services

for individuals and groups


Our certified fitness experts are determined to help you reach your fitness goals.  We offer a variety of 30-minute to 1-hour plans for personal and group training, with discounted options for youth groups.   All of our services are available to the public, with discounts offered to members.



Nutritional Consultation

By Appointment

When you speak to fitness experts, body-builders, and others in the industry you will learn that 80-90% of your muscle tone or weight loss success greatly relies upon your nutrition. Learn tips on how to eat your fill of delicious meals without packing on the excess pounds. 

Mixed Martial Arts

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Pre-School (3-4years) @ 4:pm/Family @ 4:30pm / Adults 11 and up @ 5:15pm

Nothing incorporates the betterment of mind, body, and spirit better than the discipline of martial arts. Our certified master trainer combines Karate and Ju-Jitsu into a unique form called "Aam-ka-jutsu" that will turn you into the ultimate weapon for self defense, sport, and total body fitness. This class is offered to ages four and above and an excellent option for schools, work offices, along with family or loved ones.

Pentjak Silat (Indonesian Self-Defense)

Saturdays:  10:00-12:00pm

Experience the art of self-defense Indonesian style.  This system is non-specialized, with an emphasis on Awareness, Mindset, Timing and the Use of Geometric Strategies for one's opponent.  Fundamentals:  Bela diri (Basic Self-defense), Djurus (Offensive & Defensive Hand Movements), Langkas (Silat Footwork), Awareness, Self-Belief, and Attribute Drills.

Abs Class

Fridays: 7:00-7:30am Mondays and Wednesdays: 7:00-7:30pm @ Rainier

Tuesdays 6:30-7:00pm and Saturdays 9:30-10:00am @ Jackson

Free to members

This 30-minute challenge is a productive way to condition your body and tighten your core areas to flatten and taper your waistline. Start your day of with our "Wake up Abs" session or visit us in the evening for great core workout.


Mondays 7:00-7:30am  @ Rainier

Tuesdays 7:00-7:30pm & 9:30-10:00am @ Jackson

Free to members

Stretch 4 Flex:  Increased flexibility will improve the return on your strength gain, drastically reduce chances for injury and tremendously aid your posture and range of motion for everyday day tasks along with your conditioning. 

Small Group Training

Senior Fitness

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays: 10:00-11:00am

On a budget?  This is one class that caters to our aging population!  Become a member @CCFCWellness and this class will be included with your membership!  Studies have proven there are typical challenges experienced as we age, if we are not involved in some sort of strength training program.


Come experience camaraderie and encouragement as you and/or a loved one delves into the program that works on overall conditioning:  strength, endurance, and functional movements to improve one's balance and coordination group style.   

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