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The Fairchild Family Exercises Together!

The Fairchild Family - Evelyn the mom, daughter Veronica, and son in-law Scott - exercise together as a team at the Columbia City Fitness Center.

"We drive to the gym together. We try to make a small footprint on the environment, while making a big impact on our health and physical fitness. The CCFC offers a wide variety of exercise programs that fit each member of our family". - Evelyn

Scott goes for the total body fitness that he gets with the Kettle Bell program and loves the all-over body workout that is led by knowledgeable trainers. Veronica uses a variety of weights, elliptical, and treadmill machines to enhance muscle tone and increase strength. And Evelyn the hydraulic machines with compressed air for resistance.

Evelyn shares with us "I have exercised all my life hiking, walking and jogging, until recently when arthritis of the knees has prevented me from jogging. I use the hydraulic machines with compressed air for resistance. They allow me to improve bone density and strengthen my joints."

Evelyn also enjoys the Zumba Dance classes Columbia City Fitness Center offers on Wednesdays.

The entire family comes together on Monday mornings for Stretch classes and Fridays for energizing Abs classes.


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