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Andrew "Bull" Stewart

Andrew was born in Aberdeen, Mississippi on August 17, 1958.  He is the son of a sharecropper on the Ball Plantation.  He graduated from Aberdeen High School in 1976, having starred in football, basketball, and track.  He then graduated from Mary Holmes Junior College in 1978 with an AA in Pre-Veterinary Medicine.


"Bull" graduated from Tuskeegee Institute in 1980 with a BS degree in Health and Physical Education.  While at Tuskeegee he starred in football.  After graduating, he then returned to school to obtain an AA in Criminal Justice at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy in Pearl, Mississippi.


From 1983-86 he was a police officer in Aberdeen and Westpoint, Mississippi.  From 1986-1994 he was vice president and part owner of Mayco Enterprises, a company that manufactured furniture and electrical appliances in Tupelo, Mississippi.


In 1994, Bull moved to Seattle, Washington with his five sons (includin two sets of twins).  He persued a career as a professional trainer, coach and motivational speaker and became CEO of BullR Publishing and Media.  After spending five years as a single parent, he married Flozzell Thomas in 1997.  In addition to his own five boys, the family adopted another high school aged boy in 1999.  All the young men excel at both academics and athletics.   He and his wife Flozzell currently own Columbia City Fitness in Seattle, opened in 2003. 


Bull won his first world power lifting championship in Redding, England in 1988.  He won his eleventh world championship in Orlando in 1998.  He has always competed lifetime drug free, and encourages everyone else to do the same.  He has trained thousand of men and women over the years, ranging from people just beginning training, through competitive athletes at all levels of amateur and professional sports.  He is one of the greates competitive powerlifters of all time, and was selected as "Athlete of the Century" by Sports Illustrated Magazine in January, 2000. 

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